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80mm Ferrite Pot Magnet

80mm Ferrite Pot Magnet

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Material: Ceramic, iron oxide (Fe2O3)
Dimensions: 80mm diameter x 10mm thick
Shape: Ring/ Circle
QTY: 01 Pcs
Coating: Black Mild Steel Casing
Grading: Y30BH
Tolerance: +/- 0.1
Maximum temperature: Ferrite magnets can be used at temperatures up to a maximum of 180 degrees Celsius
Pulling Force:
Colour: Black
Direction of Magnetism: Through the thickness.

Image: Direction of magnetism


Images are for display purposes only and are not to scale. Magnets are sold per unit unless otherwise specified. Magnet Store is not responsible for any damage or injuries caused by using our products. Please read the safety and care guide.


About Pot Magnets

Pot magnets are powerful mounting magnets. These magnetic assemblies are built with a Ferrite Ring Magnet embedded in a steel pot. The steel casing creates a strong vertical magnetic pull force (especially on a flat iron or steel surface), concentrating the magnetic force and directing it to the contact surface. 

High in magnetic strength for their small size, ferrite pot magnets are ideal for all types of applications requiring high-strength magnets. They are often used for heavy-duty holding, mounting, and fixing purposes in workstations, classrooms, offices, and warehouses, for pop displays, as retrieval magnets, and more.


  • Cost-Effective: Ferrite magnets are relatively inexpensive to produce compared to other types of magnets like neodymium or samarium-cobalt.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Ferrite magnets are naturally corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor and humid environments.
  • High Magnetic Strength: While not as strong as neodymium magnets, ferrite magnets still offer considerable magnetic force, especially in the form of pot magnets.
  • Temperature Stability: They maintain their magnetic properties over various temperatures. 
  • Durability: Ferrite magnets are hard and brittle, but they gain added mechanical strength and durability when encased in a steel pot.
  • Versatility: The steel pot helps to concentrate the magnetic field on one face of the magnet, increasing its holding power and making it versatile for various applications.


  • Lower Magnetic Strength: Compared to neodymium magnets, ferrite magnets have a lower magnetic strength, which may limit their use in applications requiring very high magnetic forces.
  • Brittleness: Ferrite material is brittle and can break or chip easily if not handled carefully. They can shatter if drilled, so drilling into magnets is generally not recommended. Drilling can cause fractures and significantly weaken the magnet, as well as pose safety risks due to the potential for sharp fragments and fire risks.
  • Heavier: Ferrite magnets are generally heavier than their neodymium counterparts for the same magnetic strength.
  • Limited Shapes and Sizes: Ferrite magnets are harder to machine into complex shapes and sizes compared to neodymium magnets, which can limit their application in some cases.

Applications of Ferrite Pot Magnets

  • Holding and Lifting: Ferrite pot magnets are commonly used in industrial applications for holding, lifting, and securing metal objects. The steel pot increases the holding power, making them effective in such applications.
  • Mounting: They are used to mount signs, tools, fixtures, and other items on metal surfaces without the need for drilling or adhesives.
  • Magnetic Separation: In industries such as mining and recycling, ferrite pot magnets are used in magnetic separation processes to remove ferrous contaminants from materials.
  • Door Catches and Closures: They are often used in cabinetry, doors, and closures to provide a secure magnetic latch.
  • Educational and DIY Projects: Due to their affordability and ease of use, ferrite pot magnets are popular in educational kits, science experiments, and various DIY projects.
  • Automotive Applications: They are used in various automotive applications for holding and positioning components during assembly or repair.
  • Antenna Mounts: Ferrite pot magnets are used to secure antennas to metal surfaces, providing a stable and strong mounting solution.
  • Hanging Items: Ferrite pot magnets are effective for hanging items like tools, decorations, or artwork on metal surfaces, providing a strong and reusable mounting option.
  • Fishing Magnets: They are used as fishing magnets to recover metal objects from water bodies. Their corrosion resistance makes them suitable for this purpose, and the steel pot design enhances their durability and holding power in underwater environments.


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