Important Warning for Using Magnets

Please make sure you read and take care when using magnets.

Liability Notice

Magnet Store does not accept any responsibility for damaged caused by improper handling of these magnets. These magnets have a surprising amount of magnetic power and if handled incorrectly can be dangerous. With the purchase of these magnets, you confirm you have read and understood the following warnings. If you are giving magnets as a gift, please be sure to include this information sheet in the package.

Magnets Attract to each other handle with care

If two magnets are placed loosely apart, they could leap together unexpectedly, with extreme speed and force, which could shatter and break both the magnets and could injure your finger if it is caught in between. Flying chips are sharp and could be a danger to your eyes. Handle only one magnet at a time.


Warning for parents

DO NOT allow children to play with magnets unsupervised and do not allow children to handle stronger magnets as they are powerful and will cause injury and could be fatal if swallowed. Magnets are not toys!

Magnetically sensitive items

Keep away from credit cards and other magnetically stored media.

Heart Pacemakers

Keep magnets away from heart pacemakers. The operation of heart pacemakers may be affected by the close proximity of a magnet. Magnets can set a pacemaker working in a way that is not suitable for the user and that might affect their health.

Nickel Allergies

Some of our magnets are coated with nickel. If you have a nickel allergy in prolonged contact with skin may cause irritation.

Separating Magnets

To separate magnets use a sliding motion, never try pulling magnets apart as it will cause them to snap together causing injuries. If you have larger stronger magnets use a wooden table or desk and overhang one magnet. Apply strong downward pressure to separate magnet from the other magnets. Once separated, keep moving the magnet to a safe distance.