Unwrapping Joy with Our DIY Advent Calendar Delights!

Magnet Store's DIY Advent Calendar

Embrace the Festive Season by Crafting Your Own DIY Advent Calendar with Numbered Boxes! Fill them with Sweet Surprises, Notes, Pictures, or Trinkets for a Personalized Countdown to Christmas. Dive into Decadence: I added Mini Candy Bars in Every Box with a Message or Joke for our family to share.

I will walk you through the simple yet enchanting easy process of crafting your own Advent Calendar using boxes and magnets. Get ready to infuse daily with a dash of holiday delight as we embark on this festive crafting journey together!


Difficulty Level

Difficult Rating for DIY Advent Calendar

Suitable for Kids and adults.

DIY Advent Calendar Supply List, Magnet Store

Supplies needed:

  • Decoration of your choice. (I used odds and ends I had leftover from previous years.)
  • Stickers with numbers or Permanent markers.
  • Self-adhesive 1.5x19mm 3M PSA Flexible Magnetic Strip. Available here
  • Scissor or cutting tool.
  • Double-sided tape, craft glue, glue gun or any adhesive you would like to use for applying decorations to boxes.
  • Matchboxes or party favour boxes (Box dimensions I used: 5 x 5 x 5cm and 11 x 6.5 x 2 cm.)

Optional supplies:

  •  Brown paper to wrap matchboxes.
  • Paint if you would like to paint boxes.


Step-by-step instructions for DIY Advent Calendar Magnet Store


  1. Gather all the decorations you will be using.
  2. Fold boxes or paint or wrap them in brown paper, ensuring not to cover openings. Depending on the boxes you are using.
  3. Plan and cut decorations for your boxes and enjoy creating your boxes for your advent calendar.
  4. Cut magnets to size. I used 4cm for the smaller boxes and 10 cm for the larger boxes.
  5. Stick the magnets on the back of the boxes.
  6. Fill boxes with the items you have chosen.
  7. Pop on your fridge and enjoy the festive season.

You can make a 24-day or 12-day advent calendar.

 Instructions for DIY Advent calendar Magnet Store

*If you are doing this with your children, please cut the magnets for them as they are tougher than normal cardboard to cut.

DIY Advent Calendar Magnet Store

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