DIY Chore Chart


We all know chores are not an easy thing to negotiate in any home, therefore, we will be doing a serious of easy and different types of magnetic chore charts for you to create and use in your home.


Why chores are important?


One of the most significant ways of preparing your child for life after mom and dad’s house is through the learning of doing the menial task and becoming self-reliant and responsible.


Chores can be “easy wins” for kids, they usually don’t take much time, but they can steadily build a strong work ethic, confidence and even a sense of pride for being able to give back to their family.


They are also essential to developing the basic life skills that will be needed to survive outside mom and dad’s house.


So below is all you need for the first installment of chore charts.

 What you need

What you will need:

5cm diameter dowel rod

Ferrite Disc Magnets

Super Glue


Mod Podge


Washi tape



The first thing you need to do cut the dowel rod into 1cm thick pieces (or you can ask hubby to help).

Then glue the magnets onto the back of the wood pieces. Let them dry for as long as the instructions say on the glue preferably overnight would be best.

Glue Magnets
Print chores onto label paper you can get these at any stationery store and all label paper have templets online or in the folder when purchased.

Print chores
Put all the magnets on a cookie sheet for easy carrying & assembling, and then start sticking the labels to the magnets. (remember aluminum baking sheet will not hold magnets in place)

Baking Tray

Once all of the labels are on, put a thin coat of ModPodge over them with the brush of your choice.

Modge Podge
Let them dry for a little bit – it won’t take long – and then cut some washi tape in half and add it along the edge. 


Washi Tape

All done! Put them on the fridge, separated for each child and let the chores begin!

What’s worked for you in terms of getting your kids to do their chores?


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