It’s Our 5th Birthday!

Magnet Store Magnets

Today is our 5th Birthday and the management from Magnet Store would like to take a moment to thank all our clients incredible for all the support over the last 5 years.


We would like to say a special thank you to our incredible team present and past. Magnet Store started in 2015 with one main goal and that was to strive for excellent customer service. We take this moment to reflect on our journey thus far and hopes of what greatness lies ahead.


Join us in having a look at our journey with our amazing team and some big moments in our growth as a small company.


We open Magnet Store in January 2015, with just Marika, Nicole and Elizabeth, our first shipment arrived, and we had all hands on deck counting stock and getting ready for our first day of business. We cannot thank the friends and family who all assisted with offloading stock and helping us get ready to go, we are forever grateful for the support and encouragement we received. On the 22 January our first official day and our first sale! (Nicole won’t forget Elizabeth and herself getting stuck to the magnetic strips that day.) Within a week our first batch of parcels left our garage at Marikas’ home, this year saw a lot of learning and many joys! We welcomed a little boy to our family and meet our new staff members Simone & Hannah, our staff whom without their help and patience we would not have made it through Elizabeth’s pregnancy.


With in a couple of months we went from a part time company to a regular 09.00-16.00 with a team of staff and forever growing our knowledge base and experiences. During 2015 each and every staff members perseverance and “go get em attitude” made everything possible and we cannot thank them enough for the extra hours and commitment to see the company grow as their own.


2015 Magnet Store

Magnet Store 2015



2016 was a year! A year of growth, a year of change and most of all the year we finally gave our magnets more breathing room by moving them out of their garage and to their very own warehouse, (which they reluctantly share with the team.)


The beginning of 2016 we added a little office kitten Beastie who was a delight to have at the office, her and baby brought many laughs to us all. We redid all our photographs for the website which took a whole weekend of Elizabeth and Nicole’s’ time (Marika was babysitting) …. But don’t our photos look great?


We also collected empty handbags and basic toiletries to fill up and donate to the Safe House L’Abrie de Dieu for women’s’ day and successful dropped 20 full handbags. Which was an absolute delight to have been a part of.


Then it came time to move from our garage in Steynsrust to our new warehouse at unit 4 Kingfisher Park and all the preparation could not have prepared us for the move on the 14th October 2016 but our team very quickly got started and many clients found our transition smooth,( they had no idea of the panic from us all as we tried to get settled.)


Moving notice


Elizabeth and Nicole even did some DIY on the red wall one afternoon just before our opening drinks, where we welcomed all our friends , suppliers and our incredible team to thank them for all the support in the past and share our next part of our journey. We closed this year off with our sales and of course a visit to see Annie.

2016 Magnet Store

2016 Magnet Store 1

2016 Magnet Store 2

2016 Magnet Store 4




2017 was a incredibly busy year for us at Magnet Store as well as the year our entire permanent team of staff left for a wedding in Zanzibar, one of the amazing things about working in a small business is that you colleagues become friends which leads to you all being a family so we are appreciative to be able to share big moments with one another.


Once the team arrived back their gallivanting in Zanzibar the team was joined by our latest sales lady…Kyla! She came in and surprised us all with her perseverance as she learned all about sales and our processes, she really quickly became one of our family.


You can also tell by the lack of photographs that this was the year Nicole left for Spain leaving Marika with an amazing team and more desk space. This year was our settling point we finally had our flow, working as a solid team and bringing on board some wonderful new clients, this was the year we smashed all our expectations. Overall 2017 was a great adventure and set us all up for a successful 2018.


 Magnet Store 2017




With our incredible growth during the years, Marika helped with packing and wrapping our parcels. It was finally time for us to add another team member who takes over this position, as our parcels became too much for Marika to handle alone.

We welcome Sibongile also known as Bongi to our team! In January she joined our team as our store controller. Sibongile was such a special addition to this team and made us even stronger, she is hardworking and a wonderful mother of three amazing children. Now with our flow even better and with Sibongile on our team our sales ladies could start welcoming new clients onboard.


With our team expanding we had to relook at our work space and did a office renovation during our December annual shut down which resulted in a better space to assist and serve our clients.

Magnet Store 2018

Magnet Store



In January we had our Staff walked into a brand-new office space which was much welcomed and a delight.


February 2019, we launched our new design website, which was such a joy, it offers efficient shopping services to our online clients.

 Magnet Store

We expanded our magnet range that we offer, which lead to us looking for storage and building more shelves to accompany our variety of stock.


2019 was challenging year despite the bad economic crisis in our country, Magnet Store grew, and the team did better than their sales targets.


All the staff took this year to focus on health and started with exercises and the joined in as a team participating in the park runs on Saturday morning.


Overall, we ended 2019 on a high with soaring expectations of 2020!

 Magnet Store


As we start this year with a new internal system which is a learning curve the entire team at magnet Store are prepared to take make this our most successful year yet.


We look forward to welcoming our new clients and our old clients on the next part of our journey and wish them all the greatest success.


We would like to take a moment to thank our courier companies whom without we would not be able to deliver our magnet nationwide, they have truly been an asset to our companies’ success and are always there to help!


From the management Happy 5th Birthday Magnet Store and cheers to the next 5 years being even better.

Magnet Store





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